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Competition Poster and Entry Form MA

Magazine articles do four things, they can either inform, solve a problem, persuade or entertain, sometimes they do more than one at the same time. Your task in this competition is to prepare an article for The Listener acknowledging  and informing the public of New Zealand about the 25th  anniversary of the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Act.

Base your article on the key idea below: 

“New Zealand’s anti-nuclear movement can be viewed through a series of lenses. In 1987 the fourth Labour government passed a courageous piece of legislation, the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act. The Act implemented a policy the Labour government had started three years earlier. Yet, it was more than a simple piece of legislation. The Act was the pinnacle of a ‘people’s peace movement’ that had bedded into, or for some leached onto, New Zealand’s cosy ‘family Anglo-sphere’ from 1959.  Claims of ‘our foreign policy is trade’, and blind faith to our allies, were swept aside by an ardent wave of nationalism and proprietary. New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance had come at a cost, the disintegration of our traditional military alliances. The Act followed a shameless piece of terrorism by French agents, and subsequent muted response from all but one of our major Western allies, fearful of the ‘Kiwi disease’. We were, at last, independent.”

Remember to

  • use evidence  to support your discussion – this could include annotated  visuals and quotes
  • incorporate different parties’ perspectives on the issue

The prizes for this competition are:

1st.       iPod Touch donated by
2nd.     One $50 Prezzy Card
3rd.     One $50 Prezzy Card

The winning school will also receive a year’s FREE subscription to the NZHTA.

 This work will be published on the NZHTA and Members sites and included in the NZHTA Journal 2013.



1.   Entries are free and open to all Year 12 students enrolled in NCEA History  
2.   Entry Form: An entry form must be attached to each poster. This can be downloaded      from the NZHTA website.
3.   The submitted historical fiction must be the student’s own work and based on an             historical event.
4.   Submission of historical fiction via mail or email to:
New Zealand History Teachers’ Association
c/- Tim Cameron
HOD History
Napier Boys High School
Chambers St
Napier 4110

5.   Publicity: Winners will be required to submit a photograph to NZHTA for publication along with their historical fiction.
6.    Entry is limited to three for each New Zealand Secondary School
7.    Prize winners will be notified in writing and will receive their prizes via their school(s)

By entering this contest each contestant must consent to the use of his/ her name and/ or historical fiction in any merchandise, advertisement, educational material or publicity carried out or produced by NZHTA and its advertising and promotional agencies without further notice or compensation.

Deadline for entries is Friday August 10th, 2012