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Year 13 Auckland University History School’s Day

Wednesday 1 September
Owen Glenn Building
Auckland University

There will be a day and evening stream for 19thC NZ and England 1558-1667

More detailed information as to programme and lecturers will be available early next term.

Regional Talk

Inside North Korea: Communism or National Socialism?
Len Wilson

Auckland Girls’ Grammar School
Study Hall
Wednesday 23 June
6.00 – 7.30pm

North Korea feels isolated and surrounded by enemies.  They believe the United States poses a great threat to their very survival and they remember the near total destruction of their country 1950-53.  The Dear Leader Kim Jong Il seems prepared to use any means necessary to defend the nation.
Len Wilson recently visited North Korea and will share his experiences in an informal talk and slide-show, followed by discussion.   “The people were friendly and curious, the personality cult of the leadership dominated all aspects of life and the country’s infrastructure was in poor condition. This is a country like no other on earth; a place where the individual is expected to subordinate their thoughts and actions to the collective.”

Len is currently a senior teacher of History and Head of Social Studies at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School.  He has travelled extensively and written on Israel, the Soviet Union, the Incas and China.

Major New Zealand Herald Project On Auckland History.

It is my quest to alert history teachers to a fairly ambitious project the editor of the Herald has asked me to undertake. It will be a history of Auckland published in five Herald supplements over the week beginning August 23.

We think (or hope) the advent of a single city government structure this year might make this a good time to tell Aucklanders how this place began, grew and changed. It will be more than an account of the past 170 years, though that will be the bulk of it. The geological origins of Auckland landforms, weather and coastal attractions will also be covered, as well the contemporary life of the city.

I will be doing most of the writing, with contributions from some specialist Herald contributors, such as Gordon McLauchlan, Peter Calder and Graham Reid, and some work commissioned from academics. It will be a colourful production, using the Herald’s photographic and graphic design resources in preference to reprints of old photos.

We are hoping it will be useful to schools and I would appreciate any advice you can give me to this end. John Pipe has mentioned that school history examines how human communities form. Some of the material I am compiling should be useful to that approach. Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The publications will be substantial. Each will be about 30 glossy pages – twice as many, and on better paper, than we normally print in supplements. The volumes will be stapled and designed to be kept together. They will be supplemented by video material on our website and quite possibly available on disc too. It the Herald’s biggest project for the year and a labour of love for a history buff such as me. I very much hope it will arouse the interest of many Aucklanders in a heritage they are inclined to neglect.

I’d welcome any suggestions you or your colleagues can offer.

John Roughan
Assistant Editor
New Zealand Herald
Ph 379-5050 ext 8258