International History Sites

tr>EdutopiaA toolbox library of primary sources of US History

MacroHistory Site containing numerous historical maps
Historic Tale Construction Kit Creat your own historic tale with this interactive site
School History UK Portal to masses of resources and curriculum ideas
Spartacus Material on a vast array of things!
BBC Animations, games, movies and virtual tours available on this site
Alexander Palace Russian History websites and books
History Learning Site Articles on a vast number of topics
Learn History Learning platform for students, parents and teachers. Access learning from anywhere, store work online, collaborate with others
History Channel The History Channel online
Teacher Tube Lots of great video clips that can be used in he classroom
History Teacher Portal to 1000s of links to great web sites and primary source documents. 
Hyper History Interactive timeline
History News Network Website containing articles, book reviews, articles and more. A great site to peruse through over a long, wet weekend!
Edutopia Resources, media tools, assessment, blogs – again another site to explore at your leisure!
Engaging Places A resource to support teacers and learning through buildings and places.
National Education Clearing House A site with numerous resources and ideas for teaching.